Sinus Precaution

Located in our upper jaw, above our teeth, are sinuses. These air-filled cavities can be very close to the roots of upper back teeth. In the course of your surgery your surgeon noted an opening between the surgical site and your sinus. A special type of closure has been done in the area so as to minimize the chance that the opening will persist.

In order to help this area heal appropriately we ask you to take the following precautions:

  1. For at least 2 weeks DO NOT:
    • blow your nose
    • drink through a straw
    • smoke or vape
    • fly in a plane
  2. For at least 4 weeks DO NOT:
    • play a wind instrument
    • cough or sneeze with your mouth closed
  3. DO:
    • take all of the prescribed antibiotic
    • purchase a decongestant and take it as directed for the next 2 weeks (if recommended to you by your surgeon)
    • keep you follow-up appointment with your surgeon.
    • not worry if you notice minor bleeding or fluid from your nose. This is very normal.